Want to ride an electric BIXI? ⚡ Download the BIXI app! This is the easiest way to rent these bikes, with or without a subscription. To find out the steps for renting with the app, see How can I unlock a bike using the BIXI app?

    To find out the steps for renting with the station kiosk, see How can I unlock a BIXI bike with my credit card?

    No, it is not possible to reserve an electric BIXI. You can, however, identify in real time the stations that host an electric BIXI via the BIXI application using a lightning bolt icon.


    Return the bike to a BIXI station as soon as possible and take another to continue your trip. Our team on the road or one of the charging stations will take care of charging the battery.

    Check out the BIXI app’s map to see all the stations where you can get a sufficiently charged electric BIXI. A lightning icon makes them easy to spot!

    To deactivate electric assistance manually, simply press and hold the button on the top of the stem for 5 seconds. The button emits a blinking blue light when the engine is off.

    Note that it is not necessary to turn off the power assistance after each use. It automatically turns off after 5 minutes when not used.