It’s a bike that has been equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery in order to help you pedal. They are easy to spot thanks to their blue colour. To take advantage of the electric assistance and activate the propulsion, all you have to do is pedal! The motor will instantly provide just the right amount of power to boost your speed up to 32 km/h.

    The propulsion speed is limited to 32 km/h to provide a safe user experience.

    The electric BIXIs have a battery autonomy of 70 km. You can check the battery level, on a scale of 4 green bars, by consulting your mobile application or by pressing the button on the electric BIXI’s stem. A full enough battery (2 bars or more) will allow you to make a trip of 5 km without difficulty, while a battery that is nearly drained (1 bar) will allow you to travel about 1 km. If the battery level is too low, the electric bike will not be visible in the mobile application, and you will not be able to unlock it at the docking point.

    Check out the BIXI app’s map of Greater Montreal to see all the stations where you can get a sufficiently charged electric BIXI. A lightning icon makes them easy to spot!


    The app is also an easy, handy way to rent an electric BIXI: just click on the nearest station and request an unlock code, which you enter on the bike dock’s keyboard to unlock the electric BIXI you want.