Before 2023, the BIXI season would end on November 15.

    From now on, BIXI will be a year-round service. Next winter we will begin a pilot project, with more details to come.

    Rates for using the BIXI service beyond November 15 will be announced later in the season, including the possibility of purchasing a monthly pass. Members who have a BIXI seasonal membership will continue to use it until November 15 only.

    Anyone 14 years of age or older and over 1.24 metres (4’1”) can operate a regular BIXI. In order to rent an electric BIXI, users between 14 and 17 years of age must have a Class 6D licence authorizing them to drive a moped. Their membership is the responsibility of their legal guardian and must be purchased by the latter.

    Yes! You can start using your subscription with the BIXI app or your credit card associated with the account.

    Consult How can I unlock a bike using the BIXI app? or How can I unlock a BIXI bike with my credit card?

    Yes! A One-Way ticket can be purchased when you need it via the BIXI mobile app or the kiosk at most stations. Station kiosks that do not have the payment option yet are identified by a blue halo on our system map.

    BIXIs and their stations are part of a single network. The BIXI Montréal network includes 865 stations spread out across the areas of MontrealLavalLongueuilBouchervilleTerrebonneWestmountVille Mont-Royal and Montréal-Est. Memberships and one-way passes allow you to go where you want, from one corner of the street to another as well as from Terrebonne to Boucherville.

    Consult the station map here or by downloading the BIXI application.