The seasonal membership and the monthly membership are offered on the website and the mobile app.

    The seasonal membership will be available from April 1st, 2024, to May 31, 2024, whereas the monthly membership can be added to your account year-round.

    If you do not have Internet access, contact our customer service line at 514-789-BIXI (2494) or at 1-877-820-2453 (open 24/7). Please note that you need a VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX credit card to subscribe and that an email address will be requested. However, there will not be a $100 security deposit placed on your credit card.

    For BIXI members, accepted forms of payment are credit card, Visa Debit card (or equivalent), or prepaid credit card.

    You also have the option to subscribe without a credit card or prepaid credit card by becoming an additional member. The account and credit card holder will complete the subscription form to add you to the account and purchase a membership for you. This person will become responsible for the account and the financial transactions of all subscribers on their account.

    Yes! 45 minutes of regular BIXI travel time are included with your seasonal or monthly membership. Each time you unlock a bike, a new 45-minute period begins. When you ride with the same bike for more than 45 minutes, per-minute rates apply.

    A per-minute rate applies from the first minute of your electric BIXI trip. 

    When you invite a guest to ride with you using Group Ride, the One-Way Pass per-minute rates apply.

    For BIXI members, usage fees (if applicable) for trips with an electric BIXI or for those of more than 45 minutes with a regular BIXI are billed on the 20th day of each month. An email is sent to you each month to notify you of the availability of your online statement. The statement is available in your BIXI Space on the website under the Billing Statements section.

    2024 BIXI rates for seasonal and monthly members

    Regular BIXI: Trips longer than 45 minutes: 17₵/minute +tx
    Electric BIXI: From the first minute: 17₵/minute +tx

    Between November 16 and April 14, 2024, users can choose between a one-way trip and a monthly subscription to BIXI. 

    Seasonal memberships remain valid from April 15 to November 15. Seasonal subscribers can take out a monthly membership to continue riding BIXI continuously from November 16 to April 14.

    No. The seasonal membership validity period ends on November 15 at 11:59 p.m. To use BIXI year-round, we encourage you to purchase a monthly membership now. It will follow your current membership. We remind you that BIXI memberships are offered on an ongoing basis.   

    A BIXI account holder with a valid credit card on file may pay for the expenses of several members. This person is responsible for the account and financial transactions of all their co-members, i.e., the amount of their respective memberships and their usage fees (if applicable). Only the account holder may renew the memberships of their co-members. If a co-member’s bike is lost, the charges will be billed to the account holder’s credit card. On the 20th day of each month, the account holder will receive an account statement detailing the charges of each member for whom the account holder is responsible.

    The seasonal membership will be available for purchase from April 1 to May 31, 2024. After May 31, opt for a monthly membership.

    Vist our website or download the BIXI app to become a member! 

    Not at the moment. However, we remain open to evaluating this possibility for future seasons. Until then, current memberships offer a substantial discount on electric BIXI minutes.