As of the 2021 season, the BIXI key is no longer be offered upon purchase of a first membership. All users are invited to download the app to unlock BIXI bikes at the stations.

    This decision was taken out of environmental concern, to avoid wasting plastic, but also to offer a better BIXI experience. The app doesn’t only allow you to rent bikes, but also to check their availability, consult stations' maps, calculate the duration of your trip, receive promotions, join the Amis BIXI program and access your account.

    For users who prefer the key, we still offer exceptional shipments at a cost of $15 (taxes included). To proceed, contact us at 514-789-BIXI (2494) or via our Contact Form confirming the fees and your mailing address.

    Do you have a key and have an active membership on your account? Your key is still active! Simply check that the number on the key is the one entered in your account from your BIXI Space on the website.

    Why not check out the BIXI app in the meantime? Consult How can I unlock a bike using the BIXI app?