According to the Highway Safety Code, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when renting an electric bike, but not when riding a regular bike. Nevertheless, it is the only effective protection against head injuries. BIXI therefore recommends that you wear a helmet on every ride.



    Before renting a bike, we recommend that you check the condition of it, it is very important for your safety.

    Press the brakes to check their resistance, ring the bell, and check that both tires are well inflated. Adjust the seat to your height: open the lever at the bottom of the bike seat post to move the seat up or down, and tighten the lever back. The seat post has number markings to help you remember your preference for your next ride.

    For more useful tips, consult the Highway Safety Code.

    If you ever come across a defective BIXI, no need to panic! Return the bike and turn the bike seat around to tell other BIXISTS that the bike is defective. Report the defect to our team to ensure that no one can take the bike. You can do so via the BIXI mobile application or by pressing the small red button on the docking point.

    120 kilograms (265 pounds) for the bike and 8 kilograms (18 pounds) for the basket.

    There is no BIXI model on which you can install a child seat or attach a trailer. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to modify the bike in any way or to add any additional load to it.

    Yes. Wearing a helmet that meets safety standards is mandatory, and users 14 to 17 years of age must, at minimum, have a Class 6D licence authorizing them to drive a moped. No licence is required for users 18 years of age or older.

    Users must obey the Highway Safety Code at all times.

    Yes. Failure to wear a helmet constitutes a violation of the Highway Safety Code. The fine can be up to $ 100.

    According to the Highway Safety Code, it is allowed to travel on public roads, with the exception of highways and their access roads. The electric BIXI is also authorized on cycle lanes. The sidewalks are reserved for pedestrians.

    As a BIXIST, you can ride anywhere in the city. There are very few exceptions: highways, their access roads, and sidewalks are to be avoided. That’s it.

    Apart from these places, you have free rein. Nevertheless, shared-use routes are still the safest and most pleasant places to ride. Discover the bike lanes here!

    Use the BIXI application to find your route
    The system map shows all the bike routes in Montreal and the surrounding area. You can even choose a route based on your bike lane preferences:
    • solid dark blue lines indicate bike lanes separated from the road (e.g., by a median, car parking spaces, or bollards)
    • solid light blue lines indicate lanes that are found alongside the road
    • dashed lines indicate one-way bike lanes